China Town

By the way, Newcastle - like every other bigger city - also has China Town but here in Newcastle China Town consits just out of one street!

However, they have a really nice gate!

The building in the background is the football stadium's really huge and the funny thing is that it is just 2 min from the city centre by walking and 5 min from our house with the bus so it is between our house and the city centre. Once we had a really bad timing because we were in the bus on our way home and one match had just finished so that thousands of people came out of the stadium. All cars and buses had to stop since there were so many people that all streets were completely stuffed for 15 mins.

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On this date, also here in Newcastle everybody celebrated Halloween and as you probably can expect everybody had fancy dresses. I also was on a "Halloween party" but undressed otherwise I would have been scared of myself :D Therefore I was responsible for taking the pictures. But before the real Halloween party started I went home again ... Let's not exxaggerate!

To be honest, I am glad that Helloween is over now so that the nice time of the year can start. The first windows of the stores are already decorated but the nicest window I couldn't yet photograph since so many people always stay in front of it but hopefully some pics follow.

But at least I found Santa Claus... completely out of Lego pieces!

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And here are some nice dresses. Imagine they were this combined with the shoes ...unfortunately this is no joke since they really dress like this =/

This panty is really my favorit and most of the times the persons wearing it are not the thinnest so that it even looks a bit nicer -.-

This dress is also quite nice

Here we have a panty combined with nice socks and a wonderful jacket!

But of course you also find the other extreme where you are wondering from which clothes collection they got it ...

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Today I went shopping or rather I looked for the craziest shoes and dresses I can find! I just had to walk into the shopping mall and immediatley I had enough stuff I could photograph. Maybe I should buy some so please say which highheels are your favorite ones

The shocking thing is that these shoes don't just stay around in the shops but the British people really buy AND wear them. I think when you see these pictures you believe me that the British are completely crazy. Thank goodness I am German!

No. 1:

No. 2:

No. 3:


No. 4:


No. 5: (Those are quite normal compared to the others :D)

No. 6:

No. 7:

No. 8:

No. 9: (I think these are my favourite ones. So if sb comes too close you can just kick him and I guess he won't forget it )

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Softly falls the snow =)

Unbelievable but on Friday night we had our first snow. It started when we went to the pizzeria and didn't stop until I went back at 11. Many people were outside on the streets and took photos since it is not common here to get snow! But in the morning it was almost completely gone again but probably we will get some more the next six weeks!



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Another nice thing about York are the small streets in the city centre with its old houses that are either used as a pub or as a small store.


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The city centre is surrounded by a city wall where you can even walk on.


Another attraction is the Clifford's Tower.

And this small guy here is a sight that is everywhere mentioned but I have to admit that I have no further information about him.

Besides, York is also home of the Jorvik Vikings.

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