York Minster

When we left the factory at around 3 o'clock it was really sunny so that we could go to all the places we saw beforehand and wanted to photograph.

I think the Minster looks a lot nicer when the sun shines and it's really a huge and impressive building!



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Sweets, sweets, sweets ... =)

Afterwards we made us on our way to explore York's sweet story.

York's sweet story is about CHOCOLATE and its factories. Among other things for example Kit Kat was invented there. This is also what wikipedia mentions: The origins of what is now known as the "Kit Kat" brand go back to 1911, when Rowntree's, a confectionery company based in York in the United Kingdom.

In the middle of the city centre you find a chocolate museum and since Kris and me, we both love chocolate we decided to have a look at it.

We heard something about the factory's history but of course we got also some free samples and were part of the confectionnary where they demonstrated how filled chocolates are produced. We did some with apricot and lime filling and of course we could also try some of them =)

I just can say: It was really very delicious!

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Today, we did a daytrip to York (around 1h with the ICE from Newcastle).

When we left Newcastle this morning it was really sunny and we thought the weather couldn't be nicer for York but then suddenly after a 20-minute drive with the train it got so foggy that you weren't able see anything and unfortunately that was also still the case when we arrived at the train station in York. I just hoped my phone that predicted sun from 3 o'clock onwards is right so that I would be at least able to take some pictures because as you might realize you even cannot see the top of the minster.

But at least in the inside it was not foggy so that I could take some photos there.

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We also found the first real "British" telephone booth =)

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On Sunday ...

... we spend our day on the beach. Anne really had the nicest weather: sun, no rain at all, no clouds =)


And of course, what musn't be missing: the fruit crumble with custard. Anne was impressed, too. But to be honest, this time the crumble was even more delicious. As you see from the picture, this time we did not have to guess what could be hidden under the custard cream emotion

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On Saturday ...

... we went to Durham by train!

Durham is really a very nice city with many little shops,

a cathedral and a castle.


On this picture you see the castle (left) and cathedral (right) even better!


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The last 5 days I had a special guest... Anne visited me =)

To see what we have experienced together I will upload an extract of all the pictures we took!

We started our time together with a sightseeing tour and visited the castle but as you can see there is just a ruin left!

In the evening we went to a nice bar/restaurant where they even played live music (piano & guitar).


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