On the sports fair in the first week they presented all the different group sports and you had to sign in if you are interested in something. I was quite convinced they don't offer gymnastics but fortunately I was wrong. Last thursday I had my first session and on Monday I was there again! Most of the interested students are real beginners but then I am at least not the worst... we always start with some strechting and basics on the floor. That's a bit boring for me but at the end we always have some time to do whatever we want.


As you can see on the picture, the gym is really amazing - huge and you find everything a gymnast could dream of =)

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And here are some pictures of me/us

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Next to the castle they also had a nice garden and since we had sunny weather it was nice walking through!



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Alnwick Castle

On Saturday we did our first day trip. We went to Hogwarts and visited Harry Potter and Hagrid!



Unfortunately we were too heavy so that we could not take our first flying lessons


We decided to watch Harry Potter tonight to see what we remember from our visit!

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Our new flatmate

... last week he finally arrived. His name is Henry. Isnt' he a cute guy =)

Papa, we should think about buying one as well... for you we can also choose Hetty


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And here are my two roommates: Ann-Sophie and Kris

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Castle at Tynemouth

Directly at the cost there was an old castle or rather a ruin!

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