On the sports fair in the first week they presented all the different group sports and you had to si... weiterlesen

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The last 5 days I had a special guest... Anne visited me =)

To see what we have experienced together I will upload an extract of all the pictures we took! We st... weiterlesen

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On Saturday ...

... we went to Durham by train!Durham is really a very nice city with many little shops,a cathedral ... weiterlesen

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On Sunday ...

... we spend our day on the beach. Anne really had the nicest weather: sun, no rain at all, no cloud... weiterlesen

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We also found the first real "British" telephone booth =)... weiterlesen

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Today, we did a daytrip to York (around 1h with the ICE from Newcastle). When we left Newcastle this... weiterlesen

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Sweets, sweets, sweets ... =)

Afterwards we made us on our way to explore York's sweet story. York's sweet story is about CHOCOLAT... weiterlesen

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