Today I went shopping or rather I looked for the craziest shoes and dresses I can find! I just had to walk into the shopping mall and immediatley I had enough stuff I could photograph. Maybe I should buy some so please say which highheels are your favorite ones

The shocking thing is that these shoes don't just stay around in the shops but the British people really buy AND wear them. I think when you see these pictures you believe me that the British are completely crazy. Thank goodness I am German!

No. 1:

No. 2:

No. 3:


No. 4:


No. 5: (Those are quite normal compared to the others :D)

No. 6:

No. 7:

No. 8:

No. 9: (I think these are my favourite ones. So if sb comes too close you can just kick him and I guess he won't forget it )

28.10.12 19:07


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